Second Life isn’t dead.

  1. Alan Sondheim 5 years ago

    What SL has that I miss here is a sense of community; I know a LOT of people on Odyssey who are continuing to produce amazing work, and we’re meeting constantly to figure out how to keep the sim sustainable when the community and art are so strong. I’d still like to see real discussions take off here, but the forum seems somewhat obscure to people; there should be a strong Fb page and email list at least. I notice I’m responding to something dated May 16th for instance!

    If there ARE others here, please respond, show your presence – if there aren’t, perhaps a sysadmin could initiate the Fb page or email list?

    Thanks, Alan

  2. Alan Sondheim 5 years ago

    Just noticed “Your comment is awaiting moderation” – perhaps this area should result in automatic posting, if you’re signed up as an MG member? Otherwise, discussion is impossible –
    just got sent to something called “Untangle Server” when I tried to post this. Argh!

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