Buying (free) land in the macGRID

Note:- Before you can purchase land, the land must first be sold to your avatar account. All land is initially owned by Mac Grid. Contact Dennian Clarke or Ian Murray for purchasing land.

Follow these steps to get your land:

  1. Skip this step if this is your first time logging into the macGRID. If this is not your first time logging in then start by opening up your viewer and locate your viewer’s Grid Manager and click that. When the Grid Manager is open ensure that the macGRID grid is selected then click “Refresh Grid URLs”. This step is crucial. Because your viewer saves URLs for the macGRID this step deletes any old URLs and replaces them with new URLs that may have been changed for the macGRID. Click “Apply” then “Ok” to exit the Grid Manager.
  2. Log into the macGRID with your avatar account (only the avatar that the land was sold to can complete the land purchase).
  3. Find the map button on your viewer’s screen, I use Singularity so my map is located at the bottom. Now type in your land name into the search box and click “Search”. Use exact names for lands and do not leave out underscores if the land has an underscore in its name.
  4. You can either double click the land on the map or select the land in the list of results and click “Teleport” to teleport there.
  5. After you’ve teleported to the land, from the menu bar above click “Advanced” -> “View Admin Option” or press Ctrl-Alt-V . You will notice an “Admin” menu has now appeared in the menu bar. You must do this so that you can access the “Buy land” option.
  6. Now you have two options to buy the land:
    1. Right-click on the land itself (Buy land option should now be select-able) and select “Buy land”
    2. from the menu bar above click “World” -> “Buy Land”
  7. A dialog box should pop up, it will begin searching for the buy and sell information give it a minute. After it’s completed, agree to the Estate Covenant then click “Purchase”.
  8. The land is now yours.

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