macGRID: Getting Started

Welcome to macGRID’s Simulation Research Network! Follow these steps to connect to the macGRID.

  1. Download and install the Singularity viewer from the link provided below. You need this in order to connect and view the GRID. Download the package that corresponds to your Operating System. (e.g if you have a Windows click on the Windows Installer).

    1. After the download has completed go to the folder where that downloaded file is located. Open and run the installer. This should take a view minutes.

    2. After Singularity has installed, the program should open itself. If it does not, find the Singularity desktop icon or any other Start Menu Singularity icon and open the Singularity application.
    3. At the bottom of Singularity’s screen you will see a button called “Grid Manager”, click this button.

    4. Now that the Grid Manager is open you can add macGRID to the list on Grids. Begin by clicking “Add” in the Grids tab.
    5. Here you will enter the Grid details in order connect to macGRID.

      Under “Grid name” type in: macGRID

      Under “Login URI” copy and paste this exact URI address into the field:

      Select “Platform” as Opensim (Optional)

      Click “Ok” to apply these settings. Grid Manager will exit. macGRID should now appear in the list of available grids.

    6. Next you need to enter your account details given to. Enter your username in the “Name or Username” field and your password in “Passsword”. Confirm that “macGRID” grid you created in step (6) is the selected grid under “Grid”, if not, click the drop down menu and select “macGRID”. Also, select “My Home” as the Start Location. Click Login.

    7. Welcome to the macGRID! Check other KnowledgeBase articles for more information.

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