How do I create a building façade?

  1. Create a prim!!
  2. Select the appropriate façade texture that you previously uploaded. This will place the texture on all sides in different orientations. This is what we want.
  3. Use the SELECT TEXTURE option to select the all faces except FRONT and BACK
  4. Make these selected textures ‘ALPHA’
    1. This will help eliminate any ‘edges’ that may be visible on your prim face.
    2. This will ensure that other building textures will show through the ‘ALPHA’ portions of your texture.
  5. Reduce the prim’s z-depth so that it is a single plane. (You should now have a single plane prim with the same texture/facade on both sides)
    1. Ensure that the “Repeats per face” are set to 1.000 for both Horizontal and Vertical.
  6. Adjust the base of the prim using the ‘Stretch’ option in your build tool so that the base matches the edge of a building on your satellite map.
    1. Ensure that “Stretch Texture” is clicked (or you will see multiple building faces appear as repeats).
  7. On the reverse side use the SELECT TEXTURE option, select the ‘FLIP’ checkbox next to ‘HORIZONTAL’
    1. This will create a mirror image (as though your prim was see-through) of your facade front that will aid in moving/adjusting.
    2. Ensure that you use the “Select Texture” option or you will change the texture of both the front and back of your façade.
  8. In the OBJECT tab of our build tool, select PHANTOM
    1. This will ensure that an avatar or other object can pass through any invisible parts of our facade.
    2. By creating a block behind the opaque parts of our facade, we prevent avatars and other objects from going through.