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Cloud Avatars?

Do you have a cloud avatar? If you do, follow these steps to help get you sorted out.

To create you avatar body and outfit:

  1. Right click the folder “Body Parts” and select -> New Body Parts -> New Shape.
  2. Repeat step (1) for New Skin, New Hair, New Eyes. Your “Body Parts” should now 4 Body Parts in them; New Shape, New Skin, New Hair and New Eyes. In no order of course.
  3. Select each of Body Part items and drag them to your folder called “Current Outfit “. You should begin to render a naked avatar.
  4. Next navigate to the folder “Clothing” and select -> New Clothes -> New Shirt.
  5. Repeat step (4) for New Pants You can also select other clothing  the items you want.
  6. Select each of the Clothing items and drag them to the “Current Outfit” folder like you did in step 2. This should give you some clothes that you can wear until you get your hands on some new assets.