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Streaming content from DropBox

Currently (as of 2015) OpenSim’s internal web browser that is used for streaming content does not support HTML5 fully. This is causing effects now with streaming videos from sites like YouTube, and so this guide will provide a simple work-around for playing your videos on the macGRID using self-hosted files with DropBox.

  1. If you do not yet have a DropBox account, make one for free at https://www.dropbox.com/
  2. Download and install the DropBox application on your computer
  3. Copy the video you would like to stream to the GRID into the DropBox folder that the application created on your computer
  4. Once your file is uploaded, you can right click it and choose “Share DropBox link”, to copy the web link to your file

After these steps, adding media to a prim is the same procedure as before with this new video URL instead of the YouTube URL.