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How do I link objects to create a Linked Building?

Have the ‘Position’ tool selected in the ‘BUILD’ toolbar.
Click and drag to create a bounding box – everything that resides ENTIRELY within the box will be selected. By default, selected objects will show a yellow highlight. Ok?

Click the ‘Object’ tab in your ‘BUILD’ toolbar. Click ‘Link’.

If all the objects do not have the same owner, OpenSim will not allow the objects to be linked.

Find the object that is not owned by you (typically a facade, or building element copied from another build).

Make note of the object’s position and copy it. Click the first “C” to copy its position.

Make note of the object’s name.

You will have to ‘take’ this object by right clicking on it and selecting ‘TAKE’

The object will now be in your inventory. Place it somewhere. 

Click the second P to position the newly placed object based on the original position (saved on your clipboard).

Return to step one and select all objects for linking.